About the I-CAN Centre

The I-CAN Centre is a public access facility that provides citizens access to broadband and empowering of digital skills. The Centre is located in Elsies River, previously called Elsies River Multi-Pupose Centre. In August 2014, Genesis Community IT Initiative (G-CITI) became the appointed Managing Operator for Centre.

Whom do we impact? (Focus Areas)

Technology is embraced by everyone, therefore we educate and empower all citizens with the focus area below:

G-CITI, in partnership with Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) has successfully empowered more than 3000 citizens from Sept 2015 to March 2017 with digital skills.

 What Is The  I-CAN Centre?

How to Grow Digital Communities
  • Providing Access to Broadband for citizens
  • Stimulating Social Innovation through technology
  • Advancing Education through technology
  • Stimulating Entrepreneurship through technology
  • Expand Digital Literacy Programmes
Providing Access to Broadband for Citizens

Digital Citizenship
  • Creating a digital lifestyle
  • Creating digital footprints through Social Media
Digital Adoption
  • Technology becomes a demand for daily survival
  • Access to resources (Free 300BM WIFI Data per month) and limited free internet (45 minutes free internet access per day)
Community Participation through Technology
  • Adds to the social and the economic upliftment of communities
  • Search for Job Opportunities
  • Technology bring people together


Expand Digital Literacy Programmes
  • The world has undergone an evolution interns of structural change and technological transformation. However, Africa is a still lagging behind in this modern world whose development is largely determined by technological advances. Various initiatives have started in Africa to address the issue of digital literacy. Based on research, the supply of digital skills can meet the demand of the labor market in South-Africa. Digital skills ignite innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship once it is implemented in communities
  • Facilitating Basic Digital Literacy Programmes
  • Facilitation Digital Skills to produce Digital Practitioners through vendor based certificates
  • Partner with local businesses/ organizations and employee Accelerators to support students/ citizens in job-placements.

Due to community challenges, many citizens are not exposed to the world of professionalism, therefore a Soft Skills Programmes (Job Readiness Skills) were developed to address various workforce issue which employers face on a daily basis.

Advancing Education through Technology

The I-CAN Centre supported primary and high school students in improving their memory techniques through the use of technology. We used a software developing learning strategies/ patterns. Additional programs such as robotics and augmented reality were included to stimulate learning.

Stimulating Social Innovation through Technology
  • Social innovation is in the mouths of many todays, at policy level and on the ground. It is not new as such: people have always tried to find new solutions for pressing social needs. But a number of factors have spurred its development recently. Social innovation within the ICT environment will allow communities to grow in creativity and realize their potentail to become tech entrepreneurs.


Stimulating Entrepreneurship through Technology
  • The implementation of digital skills directed citizens towards employment or starting their own business. Therefore G-CITI initiated an entrepreneurship skillls programme to empower communities with entrepreneurship business literacy and developing a business plan.


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