Appointed Managing Operator

Genesis Community IT initiative (G-City) is a registered Non-Profit organisation that was established to address the dire economic needs of previously disadvantaged communities within the broader Cape Flats region. G-CITI does this through the provision of extensive Information Communication and Technology capacity building initiatives and community support.

The changing economic climate that propels South Africa towards a growing tertiary sector, the high unemployment rate and the challenging education system, provided much-needed impetus to the establishment of G-CITI.  In this regard, our carefully formulated organisational objectives aim to prepare and upskill a large section of the population for a new and ever-evolving economy with its own set of labour requirements. These labour requirements are inextricably linked to a rapidly expanding technology base. New jobs in the economy are steadfastly replacing older ones and our educational system is currently severely strained to deal with this shift. This is where G-CITI fills the gap through the provision of future-oriented job preparation and services.

The main objectives of G-CITI and aim to:

Enable communities through access to broadband technology, to participate digitally for personal development and business development purposes.

Become a hub of activity for technological and digital development for the Elsies River and adjacent communities.

Empower all citizens with basic digital literacy skills for entrepreneurial development and employment opportunities.

Provide skills training and entrepreneurial development including business guidance and support.

Provide opportunities for creativity through social innovation projects.

Support primary and high school students by improving education through technology.

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