I-CAN Impact

Social & Economic Impact

Social Impact

  • Provide citizens access to technology
  • Tranforming lives through technology
  • Imparting values to develop youth for the workforce
  • Providing opportunity for youth to explore and grow in the digital world
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation through digital projects

Economic Impact

  • Job Creation
  • Creating a better standard of living
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship
  • Connecting youth to employment agencies

Opportunities for Communities

  • The War for Talent Has GonrDigital
  • Digital Footprints can enhance social cohesion
  • NGOs can use Social Media to raise funds for projects
  • Business markets have increased
  • Citizens can conduct online course through MOOCa and other learning plateforms
  • Online shopping is growing; e.g. The Wish app
  • Businesses can easily connect through technoogy

I-CAN Challenges in the Community

  • Socio-econimic issues (Financial Challenges)
  • Exposure to cutting edge technology for the workforce
  • An increase of crime which impacts the feet to the I-CAN Centre
  • Learning challenges based on international certifications
  • Student Resources are limited due to domestic circumstances

Future of Skills Programmes

Digital Employment Initiatives
  • Develop strategic partnerships to invest in skills programmes advancing disadvantage youth
Digital Entrepreneurship Initiatives
  • Develop strategic partnerships to empower self-employed citizens with entrepreneur skills to boost their business

Align initiatives with the Sector Digital Disruption Impact Assessment of the Western Cape Government

Develop web portal to promote digital badges (certifications/ accreditations) for youth

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