I-CAN Impact

Social & Economic Impact

Social Impact

  • Provide citizens access to technology
  • Tranforming lives through technology
  • Imparting values to develop youth for the workforce
  • Providing opportunity for youth to explore and grow in the digital world
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation through digital projects

Economic Impact

  • Job Creation
  • Creating a better standard of living
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship
  • Connecting youth to employment agencies

Opportunities for Communities

  • The War for Talent Has GonrDigital
  • Digital Footprints can enhance social cohesion
  • NGOs can use Social Media to raise funds for projects
  • Business markets have increased
  • Citizens can conduct online course through MOOCa and other learning plateforms
  • Online shopping is growing; e.g. The Wish app
  • Businesses can easily connect through technoogy

I-CAN Challenges in the Community

  • Socio-econimic issues (Financial Challenges)
  • Exposure to cutting edge technology for the workforce
  • An increase of crime which impacts the feet to the I-CAN Centre
  • Learning challenges based on international certifications
  • Student Resources are limited due to domestic circumstances

Future of Skills Programmes

S.H.I.W.A Digital Employment Initiatives
  • Develop strategic partnerships to invest in skills programmes advancing disadvantage youth
go Digital Entrepreneurship Initiatives
  • Develop strategic partnerships to empower self-employed citizens with entrepreneur skills to boost their business

follow follow Align initiatives with the Sector Digital Disruption Impact Assessment of the Western Cape Government


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