Citizen Impact

Visitor Attendance

The I-CAN Centre is a public access facility that provides citizens of all ages with various digital services and access to modern technology. Most citizens find the I-CAN Centre compelling due to wide variety of innovative digital services. Most of the attractions are due to the friendly environment, hygiene friendly area, friendly reception and staff, free WiFi and internet services and easy access to digital services, e.g. CV typing, copying, printing, scanning of documents, etc.
The stats below displays the number of citizens that have accessed the Centre from Sept 2015 – Feb 2018.

I-CAN User Registrations

User Registration refers to new members signing up at the I-CAN Centre in order to make use of the prescribed services. The stats below indicates the total of registered users up to date and the total of registration for the months from Sept 2015 – Feb 2018.


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