Citizen Attendance

The I-CAN Centre is a public access facility that provides citizens of all ages with various digital services and access to modern technology. Most citizens find the I-CAN Centre compelling due to wide variety of innovative digital services. Most of the attractions are due to the friendly environment and hygiene friendly area, friendly reception and staff, free WiFi and internet services and easy access to digital services, e.g. CV typing, copying, printing, scanning of documents, etc.

The number below displays the number of citizens that have Accessed the Centre from Sept 2015 – Feb 2018.

I-CAN User Registrations

The I-CAN Centre has developed an online system where citizens’ information is captured and become I-CAN members. Members enjoy benefits which include a free 300 MB WiFi Data per month (Sponsored by Sonic), 45 minutes free internet access per day through Smart Cape and free digital courses that teach them new skills or enhance their existing skills.

The number below displays the number of citizens that have registered at the Centre from Sept 2015 – Feb 2018

I-CAN Reasons for visit

Based on a Visitor / Citizen Attendance sheet, G-CITI determined the reason why citizens would access the I-CAN Center. Through a sign-in register, the total number of visits were determined with the reasons below.


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