Internet Impact

I-CAN WIFI Registered Users

The I-CAN Centre has currently 1912 users that have registered on the Hotspot portal which Sonic Telecoms (Wireless Internet Service Provider) provides. These users make use of the free limited 300MB WIFI Data within the I-CAN Centre facility. In addition, the Paid Wi-Fi is targeted at users who utilize the 300MB free data after their free data has been depleted. The 300MB Data is regenerated every month. The paid data will only run over a 2 month period when a user buys data from the range 1Gig to 10Gig.

Overall Internet Data Usage

The I-CAN Centre offers both LAN & Wi-Fi internet access to citizens. Based on our skills development stats, we utilize computer rooms (Learn Zones, Create Zone & Play Zone) to deliver training. These training rooms are equipped with internet access. The Number below displays the overall total data usage from Sept 2015 – Sept 2018.

Smart Cape Technology for Communties (City of Cape Town)

City of Cape Town has deployed Smart Cape Technology at the I-CAN Centre. The Smart Cape technology is a City of Cape Town initiative used in libraries to provide free internet access to communities. This specific technology were also integrated with the I-CAN IT Infrastructure to provide free internet access to citizens.
This technology is used within the I-CAN Centre to provide citizens free internet access. Each citizen receives one session per day of 45 minutes.

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