Commercial Zone

The Commercial Zone is a one-stop shop for all broader community and particular entrepreneurs to provide digital services such as:
Printing | Scanning | Laminating | Faxing | Email | Internet Surfing | Selling IT Accessories | Selling Stationery | Business Cards | Flyer Design | Web Design | Mobile App Development

All citizens that register at the I-CAN Centre receive Free Limited 300MB WIFI Data per month. Free Internet usage of 45 minutes through Smart Cape Technology for I-CAN users is available. Also, workshops are offered to empower citizens to draft professional CVs, start their own business and become expedient in technology.

The Commercial Zone provides the following unique support to citizens:

  • Creating of Invoices for artisans¬†
  • Assist with SARS Applications
  • Assist with UIF Online Applications
  • Assist with Online Applications for WCED Online Student Enrollment