Learn Zone

The Learn Zone is a fully fledged computer lab that offers various IT training to empower the community. We have a partnership with Microsoft® the largest software company in the world who provided the I-CAN Centre with licensed software that enables the Centre to provide courses to people in the community which will enhance their capacity and increase employability.


Latest technology such as Google platform and Open Source software are offered in this environment to expose and introduce users to formal IT training. Since the I-CAN Centre is training from preschoolers to elders we have developed specific courses for specific target audiences to empower them through technology.


Online & Blended Learning is an innovative approach within the 21st century to allow people to learn the latest content through technology. This self-paced learning empowers users to track and analyze their progress through our Learning Management System and access their course material remotely.

We have also partnered with Certiport, currently the I-CAN Centre is also an Authorized Certiport Testing Centre where people can come and write online Microsoft exams. 


List of Free Courses offered in the Learn Zone 

Typing Master Digital Literacy MicrosoftGoogle My Business Basics
Google Web Designer Basics Intro to Designing online graphics Intro to Digital Storytelling
CV CompilingIntro to Creating Online Events.Google Sheets
Intro to Microsoft Coding Microsoft SwayGoogle Sites

List of Funded Courses offered in the Learn Zone 

EssentialBusiness SkillsCisco NetaCadIT EssentialsArtistDevelopmentAudio VisualSkillsIntro To ProjectManagement
IC3Digital LiteracyCertificationMicrosoft OfficeSpecialistEducationalStudy Techniques(Mind Key)Film & TVProductionInternet RadioProductions
CyberSecurityLive SoundEngineeringComTIA ITFundamentals


List of Paid Courses offered in the Learn Zone 

IT Technician 4 monthsOffice Admin 4 months
IT Server Engineer 8 monthsOffice Admin 8 months